KAYINNOVATIVE is an engineering design website & a place to find any web development, software development projects. Any questions? Contact KayInnovtive! For any custom parts or Web development.

KayInnovative, which launched in 2016, is small leading curated platform for 3D printable objects.

On KayInnovative, you will soon be able to find tens of thousands of 3D designs ready for you to download for free. These will work with any desktop 3D printer, and we have tested every single one so that it is guaranteed to print!

Our mission statement is the following: Design and Create more.

Kayinnovative values center around quality and openness: quality with curation to assure all the models are printable, and openness with free downloads on all printable objects.



Improving the world with new innovative 3D designs, simulated by responsive software.



Quality, Innovation, Professional Service | Free Downloads

If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to provide feedback about anything you come across on the website, please contact: nishalkay@kayinnovative.com